Sam's Club Mobile App Release Video

Sam's Club released a mobile application for their members. It's "Saving Made Simple" wrapped into a functional, easy to use app for iPhone, BlackBerry and Droid. This video premiered at a large cooperate meeting and is now available to give the public a preview of what they can expect in the Sam's Club app.

Sam's Club Mobile App Release Party from Nick Pitcavage on Vimeo.

The Studio at Rockfish worked around the clock to get this video out in time for a cooperate meeting. We even wrangled renders remotely from Siggraph in Los Angles.

Calvin Ly created some amazing style guides for this video. They gave the 3d renders an amazing visual punch. Eric Hinson used Particular to create the 3d stroke elements. Stuart Lippincott did most of the render wrangling.

I pitched the idea to the Sam's Club brand managers and delegated the production process to the team. With help from the application developers, I was able to screen capture simulations of the app on all three platforms. The simulations were taken into Final Cut Pro and cut down for efficiency. I modeled the iPhone, and purchased the Blackberry / Droid models from; then rebuilt the textures/shaders to mesh with the iPhone model. I used Maya and Mental Ray for the nice depth of field renders and camera animations. The tricky part of the composite came in getting the Maya cameras into After Effects so the Optical Flares, Lux Lights and cloud particles would move in the same space as the 3d phones.

The sound track was found on