Nutro Ultra Anthem Case Study

Rockfish and I recently won an award for our hard work on this Nutro Ultra anthem. We were invited to the DCVS show, an took home an award for Non-Traditional Video. As the crowd watched the spot, and I waited to go up and accept the award, I started thinking about all the things that went into making this anthem that no one would ever know about... Until know.

The Ask: Make an anthem, that tells consumers why Ultra loves what they do, and who they are as a brand; A voice of the brand. Here is the final product:

To arrive here, we had to start somewhere. The major question I kept asking myself is "What is the tone or mood, that reflects Ultra's self image? Who do they think they are?"

These "mood edits" where designed to discover moods, colors, shot types and music the brand would respond to. 

We went through a couple rounds of these, finally garnishing enough information to move forward with pre-production.