Member Mark Fish Oil

Members Mark fish oil supplement is extremely popular with Sam's Club members, because of their "No Fish Burp" formula. Now, others will know how superior Members Mark is compared to the competition.

Members Mark Fish Oil from Nick Pitcavage on Vimeo.

Through Rockfish, I've had the opportunity to work on many Sam's Club videos, and this one has been a fun project.

The fish, pills splashes and pill spill were all modeled in separate Maya scenes and rendered out separately. The bottle was also modeled animated and rendered out of Maya, but with an included shadow pass layer. The 3d elements were combined with the graphic style in After Effects.

I was responsible for art direction and execution of this project. Stuart Lippincott modeled the fish, and animated the dynamic " pill splash". Stuart also did an excellent job composing the soundtrack and sound effects.

I modeled, animated, textured, rendered and composited the remaining scenes.

Cisco Pitch Work

We all know how meetings can turn a planned day of production into a confusing frenzy of notes, donuts and coffee. See how Cisco can make your life easier.

We Know Meetings from Nick Pitcavage on Vimeo.

One of my first challenges at Rockfish was to execute a video for a client pitch. I brainstormed with Eric Hinson and Matt Warlick and we came up with a solid Kinetic Typography treatment to execute the concept created by John Cox and the rest of the Rockfish pitch team.

John Cox did a great job as a Voice Over talent as well.

I directed the style of the video, and animated all but one line of the video. I also laid the final audio together with the final timeline. After Effects and ProTools were the only software tools used.

Eric Hinson animated the "Lots of Re-occuring Meetings" scene.