Walmart Spark Animation

This fun little Spark animation is featured on the 2011 Walmart Shareholders Meeting website. If you've ever heard of the event, or better yet, been there, you know that this is a world class event for everyone associated with Walmart and Sam's Club.

See what you missed:​shareholdersmeeting/​

Bicycle Playing Cards: Pokernight Tablet Ap Release Video

When you have a chance to work with a great American company like Bicycle, you jump at the opportunity. And this opportunity was sweetened by the release of the iPad ap (Pokernight), and it's debut at the 2011 World Series of Poker! This looping video, and the ap, could be seen throughout the event in Las Vegas.

Kelton Research Firm

This project was a lot of fun. From the weeks of planning, the trip to L.A., meeting with Tom and the group from Kelton, Green screen shooting, flying back to Arkansas with the footage and the long hours in post production. This project had everything.

Even a "Making Of" video to follow up the process!

CouponFactory Promo Video

As digital couponing stakes it's place, CouponFactory jumps ahead with Easy Peasy coupon creation and cutting edge analytics. Check out the video for a taste for how easy it is.